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The Problem With Pet Stores

Chances are you are not going to find an American Bulldog in a pet shop but there could be a few exceptions. Getting your American Bulldog puppy from a pet store is a bad idea for several reasons.

  • You can't see the parents.

An important part of picking out your American Bulldog puppy is meeting both of the parents or at least the mother of the puppies. If you want an American Bulldog puppy with a good temperament, or personality, it's important that you see for yourself that the parents have a good temperament. Are both parents friendly to you when the owner is near? If the parents are aggressive towards you or very timid and scared of you then the puppy has a greater chance of growing up to be the same way. On the other hand if both parents are friendly and sociable when you meet them then it is likely those good temperament traits have been passed onto the puppy. If you get your American Bulldog puppy from a pet store then of course the parents will not be around for you to meet and most likely the pet store has no idea who the parents are or how to find them.

  • Puppy Mills

Many pet shops get their puppies from puppy mills, large puppy producing centers that often have conditions that are very bad to the puppy's health. Puppies coming from such places are often phycologicaly scarred due to the poor conditions. They often grow up to have severe social disorders such as over aggressiveness, anxiety disorders and fears of certain objects and people. Of course you don't know this when you first get the American Bulldog puppy. It only becomes apparent many months later when the American Bulldog becomes older. Do yourself a favor and buy your American Bulldog Puppy from a reputable American Bulldog breeder.


Choosing The Right American Bulldog Breeder

Looking for the right American Bulldog breeder can at first seem like a daunting task as there are many and they are all claiming to be reputable. Here are some pointers when looking for the right American Bulldog breeder.

  • A good breeder will not sell their American Bulldog puppies to just anyone.

Good breeders care immensely about their bulldog pups and don't want their dogs to be put into an unhealthy environment where they may be mistreated or neglected. A good breeder is going to want to know why you want an American Bulldog and is going to question you about it. Many will follow up with you to make sure their dogs are in good hands. Look for a breeder who is registered with several American Bulldog and dog organizations such as the United Kennel Club and the American Bulldog Registry and Archive. Good American Bulldog breeders are active in their breed's clubs and are always trying to better the breed. Also good breeders are not just in it to make money. Their desire to better the breed, produce a better American Bulldog than they already have and give people the best puppy they can is equal and or greater than a desire for profit.


American Bulldog Warning

Be very wary of puppy classified websites such as and A lot of scam artists use sites such as these to trick people into sending them money. Basically they steal legit photos of puppies and then post their own ads with the photo. If you ask them about buying they tell you to send them money via wire transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram. If you ask why or ask to pay with another method they will tell you some elaborate story of hardship or something similar and insist on money being wired to them.

If you are serious about getting the best American Bulldog puppy you can you are better off not to buy through a classifieds site. Contact a legitimate breeder by calling the phone number they have listed on their own webiste or find a breeder through good referrals.


American Bulldog Nutrition

Dog food brands can be loosely categorized into three types: low quality, mid quality and very high quality. The types are going to vary based on price and the ingredients in the food. If you want the healthiest American Bulldog you can have the low quality foods should be avoided. They are made with the cheapest ingredients possible and are therefore the cheapest in price. The low priced brands often found in the grocery store such as Alpo and Friskies are a good example of a very low quality dog food.

The quality differences of the three types of dog food can been found by reading the list of ingredients on the packaging. The low quality type foods are going to list vague terms for the protein such as meat, meat meal or bone meal. Meat such as these could come from just about any source including road kill or euthanized animals. In addition it could be any combination of any meat of any kind of animal. It could have some very low quality chicken and horse, or horse and dog as well as many other combinations.

The mid quality type foods are going to list a specific type of meat such as lamb, beef or chicken as a key protein ingredient as well as by products of this ingredient. By product means it could come from any part of the animal. The highest quality and most expensive brands are going to list a specific meat as a key ingredient and are not going to list any by products of the meat in the ingredients. In other words the protein from meat in the high quality type foods is good enough to meet the standards of human consumption.

Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet and Eukanuba all make reputable dog food that fall into the mid quality category. You will find many vets that will recommend one or more of these brands.

If you don't mind spending more and want to feed your American Bulldog dog food that could actually be more nutritious than what many humans eat, the Solid Gold brand that is made in the United States makes dog food with the highest quality ingredients possible. Here are the ingredients in their dry lamb adult dog food:

Lamb | Lamb Meal | Millet | Brown Rice | Cracked Pearled Barley | Oatmeal | Rice Bran | Menhaden Fish Meal | Canola Oil | Flax Meal | Amaranth | Blueberries | Dried Chicory Root | Carotene | Choline Chloride | Vitamin E Supplement | Iron Proteinate | Zinc Proteinate | Yucca Schidigera Extract | Copper Proteinate | Manganese Proteinate | Potassium Iodide | Thiamine Mononitrate | Ascorbic Acid | Vitamin A Supplement | Biotin | Calcium Panthothenate | Sodium Selenite | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Riboflavin | Vitamin D Supplement | Folic Acid |

Notice that you don't see the word “by product” anywhere. Also notice there are no preservatives listed. The low grade products include preservatives.